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Talking It Over -- Enjoy the summer life

We are speeding toward the middle of July. Where has the first half of summer gone? It seems like we waited so long for it to arrive and now that it is here we need to really get into enjoying the season.

One of the best parts of summer, for me, are the many celebrations that take place in area towns. I love attending some of the events like parades, concerts, craft fairs and especially enjoy the food stands. Summer is a great time to enjoy some of the best food around.

However, as you attend these celebrations, it is also a great opportunity to catch up with friends, family, neighbors, classmates and anyone else you may not have seen for awhile. You just never know who you might run into as you meander through a park, parade route or wait in line for food.

Along this same line, another great part of summer are the many weddings, anniversaries, reunions and other events that bring people together. It is not always easy to convince people to attend, and the preparations make for a lot of extra work. But it is often well worth it. These are the times when memories are made and shared. A time to reflect, remember and look ahead.

I hope your summer continues to go well and that you have many opportunities to do all the great things the season brings to our lives. Things like relaxation, gatherings, awe-inspiring sights and most of all, lots and lots of great summer food! Enjoy!