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Talking It Over -- Another Deploymnet

Katie Erdman

This weekend another group of men and women from this area will be leaving family and friends to serve our country. They join thousands of others who, over the last several years, have spent months and even years in Iraq, Afghanistan and other foreign countries.

This deployment is no different than the many other responsibilities taken on by individual soldiers throughout the year. However when it comes about in a large group from one area, it gets our attention.

It is a good time to stop and think about the sacrifices of all our soldiers and pray for a safe return for each of them. Thoughts and prayers need to be repeated daily until the end of these wars and battles.

Even as we send off another group, the local VFW and Auxiliary are reminding us to also remember our veterans. On May 3 they will be giving special recognition to the veterans of the Korean conflict which took place in the early 1950s.

It seems that as one group of veterans leave this world there is another group taking on the fight. As they age, we need to continue to remember and thank them for all they have given for us. We would have a very different world to live in if they did not fight for our beliefs and freedom.

I want to personally say thank you, not only to our soldiers leaving this weekend, but to all of our soldiers. What a wonderful, self-sacrificing gift you are giving, or have given, to each of us. It is appreciated.