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A Farmers' Poem for Thanksgiving

A Late Harvest

there was a lot of corn left in the field

when October's sun began to yield

to early sleet and blowing snow

white soon covered waiting rows

and combines were left standing still

snow fell and then, more rain

stopped the wheels on terrain

men and women waited still

and checked the fields as if to will

the muddy, sloppy ground to dry

the farmer's brow was furrow-deep

from nights he turned from fitful sleep

they were so close, just a few days

from finishing that golden maize

now winter's will had locked them tight

that Thanksgiving Day was full of cheer

I was driving home and getting near

to my own home, so warm and light

and then I saw them in the night

headlights moving 'cross the fields

piercing beams of white on black

slowly cutting even tracks

smoke billowed 'cross the cold, dark night

I watched them move 'till out of sight

then, said a prayer for farming folk

Patsy Shannon, Morris