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Sue's Views: Pancakes are the magic that make the world better

Here's a study I'd like to see documented in the New England Journal of Medicine:  How pancakes cure kidney disease, cancer and birth defects.   They also can be used to buy fire trucks, houses and computers.

Of course, it's the money not that pancakes that we're talking about. Or is it?

I drove for half an hour, then stood in line for at

least that long Sunday just to get two pancakes and a half a glass of

juice. I paid about $10 for each of one of those pancakes.  And my

daughter ate most of them.  They were, however, some of the best

pancakes I've had in a very long time.  Golden brown, thick but not

gooey and straight from the griddle.

The Hoffman Lions Club sponsored the pancake feed to help cover medical expenses for a kidney transplant for Blair Sylskar, a fifth-grade student who is currently undergoing dialysis twice a week.  With any luck, tests will show that her father is a suitable donor and soon, she'll have a working kidney.   If all it takes is 750 people eating pancakes, Blair's going to have no problems.

At exactly the same time on Sunday, people were buying pancakes in Morris to help the Stevens County Chapter of Habitat for Humanity build a house to help someone else have a better life. Again, if all it takes is a couple hundred people eating pancakes, the job is all but done.

Behold, the power of pancakes.

Throughout the 20-some years I have lived in Morris, there have been countless pancake breakfasts for a myriad of community projects. I have eaten pancakes to help St. Mary's School buy computers, the Kiwanis build the band shell, and the AmVets support the Family Readiness Group.   I wouldn't miss the Fireman's pancake breakfast held on the Sunday of Prairie Pioneer Days weekend.  Hey, if that's what it takes to make sure our fire department has all the equipment it needs, I'm all for it.

I'd hate to calculate how many pancakes I have eaten.

Or how many more I will eat.

A pancake breakfast is an opportunity to do something in a situation that leaves you feeling helpless.  I know from experience that there's nothing but praying to do for Blair and her family.

Praise the Lord and pass the Mrs. Butterworth's.

And as for building a house, let's just say everyone in my neighborhood feels safer when I don't have power tools or sharp objects in my hand.   But give me a fork and watch what can be accomplished!