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Talking it over: Exciting start to school year

The new school year is off to an exciting start as students and staff begin the year in their brand new ‘digs.’ It is wonderful to see the progress made over the last few months and what a beautiful, almost new, school we now have.

The classrooms are nice and big and have great natural light from the large windows. All areas are accessible to any individual with the elevator and ramps. The computer labs are up and running with many new computers ready to help the students learn.

This has not been an easy process. The help from students and volunteers made the task easier but the work that needed to be done by the teachers and staff was extraordinary. Each teacher had to pack up their entire room in the spring and then unpack everything again before the start of school. There were boxes stored in every nook and cranny waiting for the project to be complete. It was wonderful to see the new rooms go from empty shells to full-fledged classrooms with desks, wall art, book shelves and learning centers.

I am excited to watch the school year progress and the students, teachers and staff adjust to their new rooms. I know they will all appreciate the beautiful new gift the taxpayers of this area have given them and treat it with respect and care.

There is still some work that needs to be done in the school so some patience and caution needs to be observed.  Before we know it, all will be complete and the students and staff will be able to enjoy the wonderful new learning environment built for them.