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Talking it over: A wonderful Fourth

I hope you all enjoyed the July Fourth weekend as much as I did. It was filled with good fun, great food, fabulous weather and lots of opportunities for family and friends to gather.

The weekend began for many of us with the Little Miss Hancock program on Wednesday night and then the July 4 activities in Hancock on Thursday. All of these events were wonderful and I have to praise the many people who made them so much fun to attend. The Hancock Lions club members work very hard to give us this celebration each year and I know most of us are very appreciative.

I am also thankful for the other groups that help sponsor events. To name a few - the Hancock Fire Department, Hancock Commercial Club, Community Education, West Central Cattlemen’s Ass’n. and area 4-H clubs. Several businesses and individuals also work hard and contribute to the success of these events. I loved both parades and praise the efforts of the little ones and adults who participated in them. A special note of thanks to Ken Grunig and the Hancock High School band. Wow, you guys make the parade every year and it is so fun to watch your performance.

Intermixed with these activities, many families were having their own celebrations. I know that our house was filled to capacity for the majority of the weekend and the younger ones were enjoying the great weather by swimming, boating, tubing and skiing. There was so much food around that all three of my refrigerators were running over with bowls and pans filled with goodies.

By Sunday afternoon, when things were winding down at our house, I had a chance to sit back, relax and reflect on the long weekend. I was so thankful to everyone who made it such a great holiday for my family and everyone else who attended. Even though I was pretty exhausted, it was a good feeling to know that we made some more great memories and all enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. Thank you to everyone who made that possible.