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Talking it over: Wishes on Facebook

I have been pretty skeptical about all the social media stuff that goes on these days. One of my biggest hang-ups has been with things posted on Facebook. Especially the postings of news that probably should be shared with loved ones before the entire world.

I have to admit that I am adjusting to what many people view as the norm in today’s world. When a baby is born, you post it to Facebook almost immediately. A death notification can be made pretty fast in this manner. If someone is sick and needs prayers, the request is put out on Facebook. There are lots of great recipes shared on the site and even a good deal of free advertising. There is even a way to issue invites through a Facebook event invitation.

Most of the time, I forget to even look at Facebook. I am not one of those people who checks it several times a day. If I look at it once a week or every few days, I am lucky. However, last week I found myself having to check it often.

When I looked at my email last week, I was surprisesd to see a long list of Facebook notifications. Each one saying that I had been tagged or sent a message. When I clicked on one, I learned that these messages were all related to my birthday. Each one was a wish from one of my Facebook ‘friends’ for my special day.

It has been a long time, if ever, since I have received so many birthday greetings. I remember as a child and young adult, anxiously going to the mail box looking for birthday cards and even having some fun birthday gatherings with lots of wishes thrown in. However, the list of wishes last week went on for days and must have come from nearly every Facebook friend I have. It was wonderful.

I have not been quite as good as these people. I have received weekly notifications of ‘friends’ with birthdays and don’t always take the time to send a message. Even though it only takes a second or two. I do take a few minutes to think about that person and try to remember to greet them in person if I see them on their birthday or sometime close to that date.

I guess when it comes down to it, the Facebook greetings are pretty awesome but the personal face to face wishes are simply the best. A card, visit, or phone call is also great because you know that person took a little extra time to make that wish. Anyway, thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday, whether it was on Facebook or in person. It was a great week.