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Letter: Stevens County Fair is the best

Stevens County Fair is the best county fair I've ever attended. Thanks to all the people to make it number one.

Steve Storck and the entire fair board work throughout the year to continue to improve our fair. What a great group of people!

Exhibitors who bring so many wonderful items for display: animals, horticulture and more! I worked in the Open Class Building on Wednesday and Thursday. I heard so many comments about all the wonderful exhibits.

4-H auction sponsors: Thank you to the businesses and individuals who support the youth! I was impressed with the backing from the community!

Commercial and food vendors: You all add to the atmosphere of the fair! Thanks for your contributions.

People who visit the fair: Thanks for coming out and participating in the fair. It's a small way of saying thank you to all who have a part in the fair. And finally, thanks to Wayne and Jessica Lemmerman who work throughout the year making tables and benches. It's wonderful to be able to sit down and enjoy the events of the fair. Congratulations on a job well done by so many.