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Morris Area gives Lahn positive evaluation

The Morris Area School Board gave superintendent Rick Lahn high marks in his evaluation, a school board news release said.

The board evaluated Lahn during a closed session at the Oct. 23 meeting.

The school board gave above average or superior ratings to Lahn in five different leadership capacities as well as gave feedback on specific goals that were mutually developed for the 2016-17 school year. The five measured categories are strategic leadership, instructional leadership, managerial leadership, professional and ethical leadership and community leadership.

"The school board is very satisfied with Mr. Lahn's performance in his position as superintendent of Morris Area School. In all areas of leadership, Rick received high or very high ratings for his work with the building referendum, his guidance to the district's management staff, and his work on the goals that were developed at the start of the 2016-2017 school year," board chairman Dick Metzger said in the news release. "Specifically, the board continues to be very pleased with the leadership and experience that he has brought to this school district. His experience and decades of leadership has been a tremendous asset in strengthening the focus areas that are continually identified and monitored."

The school board provided positive feedback to Lahn for his managerial, professional, and ethical leadership approach by setting realistic expectations and holding individuals accountable, his effectiveness communicating clearly and consistently with all district stakeholders, and his breadth and depth of experience in all aspects of education, the release said.

The board did cite some areas of needed improvement for Lahn.

Opportunities for growth include: improvement in achieving higher test scores in the upper grades on the MCA tests, developing more efficient systems for data analysis by the school board, and his continued positive influence on the culture in our schools.

"Improving test scores, continuing and strengthening a positive school culture, strategic planning, and board development were areas discussed where Rick's leadership is necessary this year," Metzger said in the release.

The board also cited Lahn's example and skills as leader and his communication with the board.

"Mr. Lahn, after his second year in the district has provided the type of leadership that complements the successful administrators, teachers and staff that exist in our school district," Metzger said.

"In summary, the board is very thankful to have positive and open communication with Rick and we are looking forward to the days, months, and years ahead with him in the top leadership position in our district."

As board chairman, Metzger said he works with Lahn on an almost daily basis. "I continue to be impressed with Rick's leadership. He would not ask someone under his command to do something he wouldn't do himself. He is trustworthy, genuine, and of high integrity," Metzger said in the release.