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Alexandria 'Most wanted' fugitive is behind bars: Sexual predator nabbed

Billy Ray Reynolds

A 48-year-old Alexandria man, who has been on the run for a number of years, was captured in California and is now sitting in the Douglas County Jail.

Billy Ray Reynolds had two warrants out for his arrest. One was for a crime he was charged with back in 2001 and the other was for failure to register as a predatory sex offender.

According to a criminal report filed October 2, 2001, Reynolds was charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct - one in the first degree and the other in the second degree. The charges stemmed from incidents that reportedly took place in Alexandria in August of 2001 involving a 12-year-old girl.

Earlier this month, Douglas County Sheriff Troy Wolbersen received information that Reynolds had been picked up in Los Angeles, California and was being held by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Wolbersen was asked if he wanted Reynolds transported back to Alexandria because of the outstanding warrants.

Wolbersen said yes and Reynolds was sent back to Douglas County via Security Transport Services, a company that specializes in interstate prisoner transports.

He is currently sitting in jail awaiting his next court appearance, which needs to take place within 28 days from July 6. Reynolds had an omnibus hearing July 6, and is now slated to have an evidentiary hearing where the county attorney will be asked to provide evidence in the case.

Bail has been set at $1 million cash or bond.

When asked what he thought when he got the call about Reynolds, Wolbersen said, "Finally!"

Mike Tvrdik, from the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, who has worked on the Reynolds case since 2004, said it was a good feeling to get the case taken care of.

Tvrdik has been actively searching for Reynolds for quite a few years.

"We have been following up the best we could," said Tvrdik, adding that in the past, he has talked to Reynolds' family members to get information about his whereabouts.

Wolbersen said numerous attempts to locate Reynolds were made since 2001, but came up empty.

Reynolds has appeared on both the Alexandria Police Department and Douglas County Sheriff's Office websites under the "most wanted" page.

Alexandria Police Chief Rick Wyffels said cases like this, where criminals are on the run this long, are not common, but unfortunately, they do happen.

Wyffels was happy to hear that Reynolds was apprehended.

"This is good; now he can answer for the crimes he committed," said Wyffels.