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Clarence Lanus first recipient of "Pay it Forward, Stevens County"

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MORRIS -- Bus driver Clarence Lanus is the first Stevens County resident recognized by “Pay it Forward, Stevens County.”

Lanus was nominated by Alexis Lhotka, a third grade student at St. Mary's Schools who rides on Lanus' route each day.

In her nomination letter, Lhotka said Lanus is a “great bus driver and a wonderful example to all the kids her drives bus for. He is very caring and goes out of his way everyday to help kids.”

“I would like to nominate him because he pulled into my driveway when I broke my foot. He gives us candy and treats when we get off the bus. Clarence had the bus garage call the house to see if everything was ok one day when my mom picked me up from school. He gave toys to my mom's daycare, and always remembers us on holidays. We even got a can of Mountain Dew on Halloween!

“He deserves the award because everyday with every kid he Pays it Forward,” Lhotka concluded.

Pay it Forward, Stevens County is a program designed to reward individuals who make life better for other people in our community.

Pay it Forward, Stevens County is sponsored by Morris Pizza Ranch, Morris Sun Tribune, Bank of the West, West Central Screen and Print, the Regional Fitness Center and KMRS/KKOK Radio Stations.

Nominations can be dropped off at any of the participating businesses. The committee will meet once per month to pick one person who best exemplifies paying it forward.