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The Next Chapter: Hancock Library Column


The Holidays are sure sneaking up on us fast! We're about to lose another hour of daylight and soon we'll be hibernating in our homes for the winter. While some embrace the winter and get outdoors for winter activities, others find it long, and start to get cabin fever not long after it has begun. What do you do to beat the winter blues? One way to embrace the winter is by getting cozy. The Danish refer to this as Hygge.

Hygge (/ˈhjuːɡə/ HEW-gə or /ˈhuːɡə/ HOO-gə) is a Danish and Norwegian word which can be described as a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being. This is regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture. They embrace winter as a time to slow down enjoy spending time with one another, a time of reflection and thankfulness. So grab your favorite book, a cup of hot chocolate and get hygge.

What's new at the library in November? We have the fall edition of the biggest loser challenge going on. We are just finishing up Week Three of the biggest loser challenge. Everyone is doing a great job! We now have Story-time at the Library! Story-time meets at 1 p.m. every Tuesday.

Our Adult Book Club will be meeting on Nov. 30 this month. Normally we meet on the fourth Thursday of the month, but with the fourth falling on Thanksgiving, we pushed it out a week. Our Read Aloud group meets at 3:30 as well every Tuesday.

New Books this Month are "The Rules of Magic" by Alice Hoffman, "The Rooster Bar" by John Grisham, "The Right Time" by Danielle Steel, "Fairytale" by Danielle Steel, "Haunted" by James Patterson. New movies at the library are Spiderman Homecoming, Captain Underpants, Casper, and Hocus Pocus.

Come and see what's new at the Library!