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Mortenson shares fair with family

Cowan Mortenson, 11, a member of the Horton 4-H Club, tells his grandparents about some of his projects inside the 4-H exhibit building at the Stevens County Fair. Rae Yost/Stevens County Times

Cowan Mortenson, 11, was smiling as he led four grandparents through the 4-H exhibit building on Aug. 9 at the Stevens County Fair in Morris.

Mortenson was showing that group his 4-H projects. He liked the tour "because you get to show other people how much work you put into projects.'

Mortenson brought several animals to this year's fair as well as photography entries, fine arts entries, crafts and indoor and outdoor gardening. Mortenson enjoyed giving the tour and his grandparents enjoyed the tour.

"What I've seen has been awesome," grandma Laurie Mortenson of Benson said.

"I'm glad he enjoys 4-H," grandpa Jerry Cronen of Montevideo said. Cronen is also pleased that his grandson is proud and enthusiastic to share his work.

Cowan said he likes showing cattle and other livestock but he also likes choosing the design and figuring out what plants to use for indoor and outdoor gardening.

"I like going around trying to get a cool picture," Cowan said of photography.

The fair is a family event for the grandparents and Cowan. Cowan and his family, including fellow 4-H member Grace, stay in the Mortenson grandparents' camper. The grandparents travel between their homes in Benson and Montevideo each day.

Family members had watched Cowan show beef in the open beef show on Aug. 9. They will return to watch other livestock shows that involve Cowan and his sister Grace.

"We were here last night for the community supper," Mortenson said. "It's a family affair."

"It's kind of a vacation," Jerry Cronen said.

Although the camper is handy, it's not used for cooking.

"Absolutely not," Betty Cronen said. "We eat at the 4-H food stand."

"We don't have food in the camper," Cowan said. Maybe some snacks, he and Betty Cronen said. "But not like lunch food," Cowan said.

The Stevens County Fair continues through Sunday, Aug. 13.