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Hancock project receives $500,000 grant

An apartment complext project planned for Hancock has received a $500,000 grant to help with project but also with any future development the community may pursue.

Midwest Minnesota Community Development Corporation received the grant which president Kevin Shipley called a neighborhood reinvestment grant. Shipley said the donor of the grant wants to remain anonymous. MMCDC is the parent company of Community Development Bank in Hancock. MMCDC, Stevens County and the city of Hancock are cooperating on the 12-unit apartment complext project on 6th Street, or Hancock's main street.

While the grant will be applied to the costs of the apartment project, it also provides for several members of the Hancock community to attend a community development workshop in Washington, D.C.

Justin Cronen, manager of Community Development Bank, said the $500,000 grant "is significant as far as what it will do for the (apartment) improvement in downtown Hancock." But he is also excited about what can be generated from the Washington, D.C. workshop.

The workshop can be a way to begin to develop ideas for future projects in Hancock, Cronen said.

Shipley said that would be the goal of the grant and MMCDC's hope for the community.

"It's Hancock, the citizens of Hancock, they're the ones that determine what the needs are for the community...," Shipley said.

When the community determines future projects, MMCDC may have a role in helping to achieve the goals, Shipley said.

Cronen said he, Tanner Picht of the bank, city clerk Jodi Bedel, Stevens County coordinator Becky Young and Stevens County Economic Improvement Corporation director Cheryl Kuhn plan to attend the Washington, D.C. workshop in December.

MMCDC is building the proposed apartment complex. The demolition of several buildings on 6th Street will happen after the removal of asbestos from one of the buildings.