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Lund spends bulk of career at UMM

Retired leader of the University of Minnesota Morris Campus Police Department Lt. Jen Lund uses a golf cart during the June 29 active shooter exercise at UMM. It was one of Lund's final duties at UMM before her retirement. Brooke Kern/Stevens County Times1 / 2
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Although Jen Lund didn't graduate from the University of Minnesota Morris the campus and the community made a big impression on her. Lund spent most of her law enforcement career at the University of Minnesota Morris and retired at the end of June.

"When I first applied at UMM it was because I had been a UMM student for a short time and liked the campus and community," Lund said in an email response to questions. "I quickly discovered UMM Campus Police was a good fit for me because I was able to work in a more proactive way than you can in most policing environments."

Lund started in law enforcement in1987. She spent 27 years at UMM.

Some of the proactive ways in which Lund was able to work in campus police was in the relationship established with students, faculty and staff.

"We are fortunate to have developed strong relationships with students, faculty and staff that let us address most issues early and in positive ways," Lund said. "We believe our proactive community policing model, training with student leaders and staff and educational programs play a major part in creating that environment."

UMM campus police deal with the same types of incidents as any law enforcement agencies, Lund said.

"It is just on a much smaller scale than larger universities or cities," Lund said. "Larger cities and universties are typically more reactive because of their high call volume."

Lund cited education as one of the keys in developing relationships and addressing issues in a positive way. She was involved in the establishment of two self defense programs at UMM and in the community.

Lund and Morris Police Chief Ross Tiegs started RAD, a self defense class for women in 2002. UMM Campus Police and other law enforcement agencies still offer the class for credit at the university.

"The class has been well received and transformative for many participants," Lund said. "We also collaborated to start RAD For Kids and a self defense program in the Morris Area High School."

Lund was also involved in the establishment of the Stevens County Violence Prevention Task Force. "We created a task force to create awareness, educate and respond effectively to reports of sexual assault in our county."

On her second to last day at UMM, Lund helped lead an active shooter training exercise on the university campus. The training involved law enforcement and emergency personnel from various area agencies and Stevens Community Medical Center.