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Little Miss participants have a love for Hancock

Kaylynn Christianson, the 2017 Little Miss Hancock, and Kaylee Wink, right, the first runner up. Rae Yost/Stevens County Times1 / 2
Little Miss Hancock participants. From left, Kaylynn Christianson, the 2017 Little Miss Hancock, Kaylee Wink, first runner up, Diana Rodriguez, Kaytlynn Kenyon and Haylee Flaten, Miss Congeniality. Rae Yost/Stevens County Times.2 / 2

The five girls who wanted to be Little Miss Hancock had similar reasons for trying for the title: They all wanted to represent Hancock.

"I love the community," Kaylee Wink said. "Iike being part of it."

Wink noted that people help all the time in Hancock, including being on the library board and school board.

Wink and the other four girls talked about Hancock and their interests during a July 1 practice before the July 3 event. Kaylynn Christianson was named Little Miss Hancock and Wink was selected the first runner up. Haylee Flaten was named Miss Congeniality.

All five girls said the practices so far had been fun.

"This is my first year in Little Miss Hancock. It's so much fun to do," Kaytlynn Kenyon said.

Diana Rodriguez is a little more experienced. Rodriguez participated in Little Miss Hancock last year.

She wanted to see if she could win this year.

Christianson has more experience with the pageant as she watched it for several years while her mom Ashley has helped to organize it.

"I'm interested in it because I help with it. I wanted to be a part of it," Christianson said.

Wink had the least amount of experience with Little Miss Hancock. She said she hadn't even seen it before.

Wink's eyes lit up and she smiled when asked if she liked it. "Yeah," she said.

The Little Miss Hancock program included questions that made the girls think about what they liked, what they wanted in the future and other topics.

Haylee Flaten knew why she'd make a good Little Miss Hancock. "I've lived here for eight years," Flaten said. "I like the school. I want to help the community."

"I think I'll be a good person show to stuff for our community," Christianson said. "I think I'd be a good role model for the community."

If she were selected Little Miss Hancock, Kenyon said she'd like riding in the summer parades to represent Hancock.

"I did a parade in Morris last year with Girl Scouts," Kenyon said.

Parades are fun, said Rodriguez. "I like seeing people when I go to the parades. I like throwing candy," she said.

The 2016 Little Miss Hancock Korah Schroeder said the parades were fun. "I liked going in the parades and talking to the community," Schroeder. "You see a lot of people you know at the parades."

The program has also a chance for the girls to reflect on things they to like to do and things they like about Hancock.

Flaten likes the school, Buddies Bar and Grill and her neighborhood. "We live in a neighborhood with a lot of kids," Flaten said.

The participants also shared a bit about their favorite thing during the program.

On July 1, Kenyon shared about her favorite thing. "I like bringing animals to the fair," Kenyon said. She is a 4-H member and plans to bring goats and chickens to the fair.

Wink likes gardening. "We have a big garden at home," Wink said.

Although only one girl received the Little Miss Hancock title, the participants were very visible during Hancock's annual July 4 celebration. The girls rode in cars for the parade and earlier that day they were working in the annual fire department's pancake breakfast.

Schroeder said she learned during her 2016 Little Miss Hancock year that she had to care for her sash and crown and smile at parades. Schroeder had one more parade as Little Miss Hancock and that was the July 1 Heritage Days parade in Starbuck.