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Pancakes hit with eaters in Hancock

Hancock Fire Chief flips a pancake during the July 4 pancake breakfast. Rae Yost/Stevens County Times

The pancakes weren't as good as his mom's but they were close.

"They kind of taste like my mom's," Emmett Charles, 6 ½, said of the annual July 4 pancakes made by the Hancock Fire Department.

"Her chocolate chip cupcakes are the best," Charles said.

Still, Charles gave the firefighter pancakes a good review.

"We make every batch with love," Hancock Fire Chief Kyle Rose said with a smile as he flipped pancakes on July 4.

"We make a lot of pancakes," firefighter Al Thiel said. No one was counting on July 4 as firefighters were busy measuring pancake mixing, frying sausage, pouring milk or flipping pancakes.

In his 6 ½-year old math caculations, Charles figured the fire department would serve about 50 pancakes that morning to the crowd.

The crowd included Shirley and Butch Kill from Donnelly.

"The pancakes are nice and fluffy," Shirley Kill said.

"I like the sausages, they're good," Butch Kill said.

The couple is usually out of town on July 4 but since they were home this year, they drove to Hancock for breakfast.

The Kills and Charles liked the pancakes and Charles also praised the syrup.

"The syrup is getting better," Charles said. "The last time, I remember, I don't remember these cups."

Individual small cups of syrup were available as well as small glass dispensers of syrup from which to pour that sat on each table.

"I'm not sure if it's new or I just don't remember," Charles said of the cups and dispensers.

Either way, the syrup was a hit with Charles.