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Kids dig for coins July 4

Ransom Franey finds a quarter in Community Development Bank's coins in the sand event on July 4 in Hancock. Rae Yost/Stevens County Times

Community Development Bank's Coins in the Sand dig for kids inspired the industrial creativity in kids on July 4 in Hancock.

The bank spreads a total of $250 in nickels, dimes and quarters in the sand at the Hancock School playground. Bank employee Tanner Picht raked a big pile of sand together near the swing set. He spread coins in the sand pile for each of the three age categories for digging.

Some kids brought pails and used the pails as scoops. Other kids borrowed a tactic from dogs and cats and hunched in the sand and scooped it so it flew between their legs. Other kids sat on the pile and dug their hands in deep.

The kids were searching for those dimes, nickels and quarters and the gold coin worth Hancock Bucks.

The bank has sponsored the dig since 2011, bank president Justin Cronen said. The first year, "some kids walked away with $25 and $30, he said.

Cronen said the big payouts in 2011 helped grow the participation. On this July 4, at least a few dozen kids from age 0 and older dug for coins. The dig is split into ages 0-3, 4 to 6 and 7 and up.

"After that we have a free-for-all," Cronen said.

As methodical and creative as the kids were in digging, they likely wouldn't find all the coins, Cronen said.

Sometimes, kids return to the playground sand later that day with metal detectors, Cronen said. Even then, not all the coins may be found on July 4.

"They will be finding coins all summer long," Cronen said.