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Hancock Library News

Last Thursday I attended our normal quarterly meeting for Viking Library Directors in Fergus Falls. It was also a going away/ farewell meeting for Peg Worner who is retiring from the Viking Library System after 25 years as its head. Many of you have met Peg through the years and she will be truly missed.

When Peg wrote last December that she would be retiring June 1, I wrote back and said "if you are so am I." Actually Peg did not have anything to do with my retirement plans; maybe it was just my way of putting a date on it. Anyone who knows me well know that my retirement from the library was not a snap judgment, I have been thinking about it for some time and now just seemed like the right time. Four years ago when I was 65 I said "This is my last summer," and then four more years quickly passed.

Will I miss it? Oh my, of course I will. I will miss visiting with and seeing all my lovely patrons and seeing all the children and watching them all grow up. You have all been a hugely important part of my life. Actually it is very hard to write this article without shedding a few tears.

I will also miss the books. When I applied for this job I said that I loved the smell of books. And that's the truth. I love looking at books everywhere—in the bookstores, what people are reading in doctor's fices or in the airport. I have more pictures on my phone of books than I do of people. I am always taking a picture of books that I may want to order later. It is hard to realize that I won't be buying books anymore-that too was such a fun part of my job.

When I started at the library 14 years ago I don't think I ever thought I would be here this long but time flies quickly. In that time I have worked with four city clerks: Sue Thooft, Andrea Swenson, Jenny Ver Steeg and now Jodi Bedel., Three mayors: Jim Swenson, Bruce Schmidgall and current mayor Bruce Malo. Three chiefs of police: Don Heikenen, Matt Flogstad, and Steve Henriksen. Four city maintenance people: Vern Christie, John Jepma, Toby Stranlund , and now Adam Hanson . They have all been wonderful working partners.

Also many people who have worked here at the library for me: Janae Wilson, Leah Ver Steeg, Alysa Strei, Matt Swinney, Carla Ver Steeg, Kaci Millette ,Barb Hanneman, and Debby Stark. Whew!!!

Change is good for everyone—for me AND for the library. Someone will come with new and fresh ideas and that will be good. My library board members have also been so helpful through the years: Della Conroy and Peg Cunningham and Jen Shaw and Tawnia Jepma have helped me out so much through these years so Thank you all.

Fourteen years ago when I started at the library, I wanted to put a little article in the paper so that people would know that the library was here, about our activities, and about our new materials. And so began the "Library News". Somewhere along the line it morphed into something else and you have let me bore you with every detail about my thoughts and my memories and my family more than you probably ever wanted to know. Thank You...

See ya at the Library!!