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Building for life: Nesvigs create home in Hancock

The master bath features a built-in medicine and jewelry cabinet hidden behind a mirror. (Brooke Kern / Morris Sun Tribune)1 / 8
Above the main level is an attic space for additional storage. Storage is something the Nesvig's new home is not lacking in. (Brooke Kern / Morris Sun Tribune)2 / 8
Though the grass doesn't get installed until later this summer, the view from the driveway of the three-stall garage includes a curvy sidewalk and views of the large front porch, including the wooden beams, which are featured throughout the home. (Brooke Kern / Morris Sun Tribune)3 / 8
The Nesvig kitchen includes the dark wood seen throughout the home, and a custom-made stove vent and hood that resembles a chimney. (Brooke Kern / Morris Sun Tribune)4 / 8
The road view of the Nesvig's newly built home in Hancock. From the road, you can see the three-stall garage and large front porch. (Brooke Kern / Morris Sun Tribune)5 / 8
A glance up the staircase shows off the light that illuminate the staircase at night and a double-door closet at the top along with Nesvig's family dog Izzy, who seems to be adjusting well to the move. (Brooke Kern / Morris Sun Tribune)6 / 8
A wash tub sink was a must-have in the laundry room, Terri Nesvig said. Not only did she get her sink, she also got plenty of storage space in cabinets above the washer and dryer and not pictured to the right of the sink. (Brooke Kern / Morris Sun Tribune)7 / 8
The living room features a coffered ceiling, a corner fire place, and large windows to allow in tons of natural light. (Brooke Kern / Morris Sun Tribune)8 / 8

When Matt and Terri Nesvig decided to build a house in Hancock, they wanted to design a home.

But, Terri Nesvig said, she really didn't know much about designing a home. She found help from the main general contractor KJH Builders Inc. of Hancock, from various businesses that supplied home interior products, and from the internet in the Houzz application website and on Pinterest, a home decorating and ideas website on the internet.

The couple chose KJH as the general contractor, which was key, Nesvig said. The contractor helped transform their ideas into reality. The family was able to move into the new home in October, about 4 ½ months after construction started.

"When we were building it we knew we were doing things that fit my family," Nesvig said. "We weren't building it from a resale perspective"

Others may have a different approach, but the Nesvigs knew they want to live in their home after they retire. The couple had lived in a Twin Cities suburb before returning to Stevens County about three years ago. Terri grew up in Hancock. Matt didn't grow up in Hancock but he is comfortable with a small town.

The Nesvigs knew they didn't want a second floor. Also on the list were large windows, lots of counter space in the kitchen, storage, large closets and lots of living space.

The home is 2,300 square feet on the main level and it has a full basement with three bedrooms, a living room, storage, a three-stall garage, front porch, and patio.

Dark wood and beams are featured throughout the home.

Nesvig said she found her main floor living room ceiling on Houzz. The living room has a coffered ceiling.

Beams and dark wood aren't only for the ceiling and the trim. The doors to closets, kitchen cupboards, cupboards in the laundry room and cupboards in the lowest level bar area are all dark with knotty wood.

The doors are wide with black handles and hinges. They are eye-appealing as well as functional.

A large closet door at the top of the lower level stairs attracts the eye. Those stairs lead to three bedrooms and a living room in the lower level.

The Nesvigs have separate wings for their two daughters and their son. Nesvig said it's unusual since their kids are six and under but it works. The girls' bedroom are on one side and the son's is on the other side of the lower level..

The girls' bedrooms include walk-in closets and a separate sink in each bedroom. They share a shower and toilet.

Nesvig said the walk-in closet may seem like a lot of space for two young girls, but, the home is built for the future, she said.

She wanted the separate sink after studying the size of the shared bathroom. The bathroom seemed too cramped for two sinks, so she split the two sinks in one bathroom idea into a sink with counter space in each of the girl's bedrooms.

"I felt I pulled off the Jack and Jill (sink) concept," Nesvig said. "I feel like I accomplished it. It's unique and different."

Their son's wing includes a toy storage area under the stairs. "He loves it," Nesvig said.

He has a double closet instead of a walk-in closet.

The bedrooms have egress windows. The girls' wing also has a separate stairway to the garage.

Nesvig said she's not good at choosing features such as carpet or paint or cupboards but found the businesses who supplied those items helpful. She discussed the colors and features the couple liked and designers provided options from which to choose.

The carpet color is the same throughout the house except in areas where a wood floor or laminate floor was installed. The paint is primarily neutral in tones of pewter or gray or ivory. Lighter or neutral colors were important because of the dark beams, trim and cupboards, Nesvig said.

The home also has large windows in the living room, nearly as tall as Nesvig. "I wanted a giant window to maximize the (natural) light," she said.

She also made sure there was a large window over her kitchen sink.

"I wanted to look out the window while in the kitchen," Nesvig said.

There are large windows and doors that lead from the eating area to the patio area.

The large windows allow lots of natural light in the home.

The master bedroom also has multiple windows for natural light.

The master bedroom is attached to a large bathroom with a double sink and walk-in closet. A small jewelry cupboard is hidden behind a mirror. All of the walk-in closets in the bedrooms have built-in shelves.

The contractor also included many pocket doors throughout the home. "There's no flapping doors and it saves space," Nesvig said.

Another main feature of the living room is the fireplace located near the window and almost in a corner. The Nesvigs didn't want the fireplace in the center of the room but felt the off-center location draws attention to it.

The stove vent and hood in the kitchen is custom-made and the design resembles a chimney and wood stove base. Nesvig said she trusted the designer to make something she'd like.

Other features of the house include a guest bedroom on the main floor, a laundry area on the main floor and a second laundry area in the lower level. A second room on the main floor could be a guest bedroom but Terri uses it as her office. Both Nesvigs work from home. The Nesvigs have a bonus room for storage above the garage.

And guests won't see any cords or wires from TVs or other items as Matt included a smart house design with the electronic brain in the lower level. Matt works in IT and wanted clean space instead of wires and cords.

The technology didn't stop with the internet or Matt's smart house feature, KJH used the Buildertrend electronic application so the couple could track the bids for each portion of the work and track the schedule.

"If there was a change order, the contractor had to explain why...," Nesvig said. "I could keep track and watch the construction."

Nesvig said she's even pleased with one feature of the home she didn't really want. She's not a front porch type person but the contractor suggested using dark wood pillars to finish the front with a porch. She likes the porch.

She does take a moment now and then to stop and look around. "I wouldn't change a thing," Nesvig said.

Admittedly, she said, there is some sticker shock while building your own home but then, she remembers. "This is our family. This is our life. We are going to spend (many) years here," Nesvig said.