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Hancock Looking Back

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April 12, 2007, 10 YEARS AGO

Christian Reformed Churches celebrated their 150th year of their denomination. The theme of their celebration was "Remember Your Leaders." They gathered April 22, 2007, with guest speaker Rev. Howard Vanderwell, as well as choral selections from congregations in Brooten, Bunde, Hancock, Prinsburg, Raymond, Renville, and Willmar.

Johnny Frank ended his first Tigers Wrestling season with a 6-13 record. The team said farewell to seniors Max Koehntop and Kyle Feuchtenberger. With only five of the twenty-two teammates in 14 weight classes, the Tigers had to give up 24 points.

Richard and Corrine Schmidgall celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on April 14, 2007.

April 9, 1992, 25 YEARS AGO

Perry Ford, UMM men's basketball coach, was the main speaker at the Hancock fifth grade D.A.R.E graduation ceremony. He spoke about role models and decision making. Sheriff Larry Sayre spoke about the history of the anti-drug program.

Between the Hancock and Chokio-Alberta high schools, 15 seniors participated in the first ITV classes, College Prep English, Physics, and Spanish II. Students included Dena DeJager, Melanie Goll, and Chad Solvie, all of Hancock.

April 13, 1967, 50 YEARS AGO

The Hancock High School's senior class presented a three-act play, "Flight Into Danger," on April 21st.

Professor Ralph Wayne and Extension Dairyman, presented on the past and present of the dairy industry at the West Central School and Experiment Station. He also shared his thoughts for the future that dairies that would be created in 1980 would fall into three categories: "the one man herd of 30 cows, the two man herd of 60 to 75 cows, and the 100 plus cow herd run as a factory." Wayne also said that there would be minimal of the "100 plus cow herd" dairies, because of labor issues.

Area locals attended a Farm Bureau conference in St. Paul. Those in attendance were Lewis Fults of Donnelly, Charles Berg of Chokio, Milton Rasch, Kenneth Larson, and Harold Luthi of Morris, as well as hundreds of other Minnesota Farm Bureau leaders.

April 9, 1937, 80 YEARS AGO

"A Bear Deception" was put on by the Hancock Junior class Friday April 9, 1937. The class managed to keep the plot of the play and much of the information surrounding it a complete secret from the public. During intermissions the Hancock school band played, which was the first time many community members were able to see and hear them under the direction of Supt. Bringgold.

(From 'The Owl's Hoot' the Official Publication of the Hancock School section) The senior social science class began their term papers for the last semester of school. Students were prompted to choose from a list of topics, including: "The Income Tax," "Cooperative in Litchfield," "Municipal Lighting," "Conservation," and "Rural Electrification."

April 15, 1927, 90 YEARS AGO

A call to action was placed in the Hancock Record for a permanent Christmas tree to save the hassle of putting up a tree every year for the holiday program.

Prof. and Mrs. Samuelson and children visited relatives in St. Peter for a week. Some of the roads on the way down were rough.

"The Woman's Study Club will meet at the home of Mrs. Conroy next Monday evening and a 25 cent luncheon will be served at seven o'clock. "Birds and Flowers of Minnesota" with Mrs. Frisbee and Mrs. Welsh as leaders. Roll call will be answered by quotation from Roberts Service. All members are particularly urged to attend.