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Morris Public Library re-opened today

MORRIS – After three months of repairs from a rain storm in June, the Morris Public Library reopened to the public on Tuesday.

The library has new wall paneling, new paint, new carpet, and new shelving units. 

Not all of the online catalog computers are up and running, and there is still some electrical work to complete, but all of the collections are back and the library can operate in full service mode, Director Melissa Yauk said. 

"As a result of the water damage, our video cassette collection was damaged and the decision was made to delete and discontinue our video and audio tape collections," Yauk added. "This allows us to expand our audio book CD, DVD and Young Adult collections by freeing up some much needed space."

The Friends of the Library have rescheduled their annual book sale for Sept. 5 and 6. In addition to books, there will be video cassettes and audio tapes for sale. Most of the sales will take place Friday and Saturday, but items will be available for purchase through the end of the month. For the best selection, shop early and shop often. All proceeds are used by the Friends of the Library to support Library programs, collections, and equipment.

A celebratory open house will take place Tuesday, Sept. 9 from 4 to 6 p.m. Refreshments will be provided. Video clips were taken throughout the repairs process and these will be playing in a loop. Come celebrate the library reopening and share how you survived the summer without access to the library.