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Donnelly News 053114

Welcome to the graduation edition of the Donnelly news.

Sunny warm weather and some welcome rain showers have been “just what the doctor ordered” for area farmers in the last week as they have been busy getting fields worked up and crops planted.

In St. John’s/ Kongsvinger news: The summer worship schedule continues with services at Kongsvinger on June 1, 8, 15 and 22.     

Bible study resumes after services on June 1.  

The next community mentoring program is June 12 at 7 p.m. at the Morris Area elementary cafeteria.

On June 1 from 2-5 p.m. there will be graduation open houses for:

Bryce Jergenson at the Melberg residence 12457 457th Avenue in Morris,

Corey Stork at his home, 141688 457th Avenue in Morris; and Kody Armstrong at the Farwell Community Center.

Carter Fults is one of the beneficiaries of the Tuff Luck Fun Run on June 7. “The Place To Be” in Donnelly is one of the stops.  The headquarters for the event is the Herman Bar and Grill.  

Dorothy Hilla has a new address:  P.O. Box 520556, Big Lake, AK 99652.

Dorothy Zimmerman of Graceville passed away May 21. Survivors include her brother Don (Barb Alm) Rilley of Chokio.

Ron Hagen of Granada Hills, Calif. passed away recently. Survivors include an uncle Verle (Della) Dunn of Donnelly and his family.

Justin Johnston and Brandi Sperr were married on May 24 in Morris.

Here is the list of graduates along with parents and grandparents.  Unless otherwise indicated they are from Morris Area High School

Mark Dunn, parents Lowell and Sandy, grandparents Verle and Della, Virene Johnson.

Bryce Jergenson, parents Rob and Peggy, grandparents Robert and Barb, and Audrey and Nancy Heinrichs.

Beth Holland, parents  Joe and Linda.

Tim Uphoff, parents Sue, Gary and Karen, grandmother Evelyn Underwood.

Gage Backman, parents Brad and Jonna, grandmother Liz Ascheman.

Carly Gullickson, parents Vance and Kim, grandmother Ardis.

Justine Huebner, parents Mark and Mary.

Melanie Van Horn, parents Mark and Karen, grandparents Ken and Irene, Marge Kleinhans.

Myles Smith, parents  Mike and Rhoda, Cara.

Corey Stork, parents Dave and Kay, grandparents Dorothy Stork and Carrie Melchert.

Rebekah Aanerud, parents Andy and Heather, grandparents Jim and Lorraine; Century Farm Academy.

Jenna Gibson, parents Jeff and Gayle, grandparents Sam and Dorothy Jordheim; Albany.

Sara Burke, parents Pat and Carol; College of St. Benedict.  

Darrin Boener, parents Scott and Cathi, Minnesota State Patrol cadet school.

Kody Armstrong, parents Jason and Niki, Judy; West Central Area High School.

Chrissy Oaches, husband Kelly, parents Ben DeLong Jr., Janet Hornamen, grandparents Ben and Yvonne DeLong,Sr., Pat Hoernemann; University of Minnesota, Morris.  

Nicole Hillbrand, parents David Hillbrand and Shannon Lien, grandmother Lola Smith,  Herman-Norcross High School.

Among the Tiger trap shooters that qualified for the 2014 championship in Alexandria are Brittany Cardwell, Lindsay Flogstad, Kourtney Giese, and Sam Henrichs.

Beth Holland, Kortney Giese, Rebekah and Savannah Aanerud are members of the Tiger girls’ track team that finished fifth in section 5A true team meet in early May and tied for first in the sub section team meet held in Morris last week. They all finished in the top ten in both meets either individually or a member of a relay team. Beth, Rebecca, and Savannah advanced to the section meet.  The boys placed sixth at the true team and won the subsection meet. Dalton Luepke is a member of that team.

The Donnelly ladies were well represented in the Memorial Day services. At the Armory Liz Aschman presented flowers to the Gold Star Families. Jeanne Ennen and Pat (Mark) Smith carried the VFW Auxiliary flag and banner, Jerry and Joan Kopacek marched with smaller flags in the possession to Summit Cemetery and Joan participated in the cemetery program. John Kopacek was Staging Officer for the ladies and he also assisted with cemetery program preparations.

Jim and Lou Eystad attended the graduation open house for Kaitlin Vogel, visited her aunt Marlys Alm at the West Wind Village and  attended the 75th birthday party for Chuck Spohr.

Over the weekend Mark Koepke was able to see his old farmstead and the Herman school, two places he had not seen in over 30 years. I attended the open house for Beth Holland and the funeral for Eileen Jesnes in Wendell.  My mom stayed with the Jesnes family when she taught at the school in Swan Lake Township.