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Looking Back 010414

How did you spend the holidays?

Donating 200 pounds of popcorn. In 1993, The Morris Lions made their annual donation of popcorn to residents of the Villa of St. Francis a few days before Christmas. Lions Club members Dr. C. F. Ketterling, Francis Lembcke, E. L. “Ted” Dosdall and  William “Bill” Dripps delivered popcorn while Villa residents Elma Berhens and Delores Schmidt and Villa employee Marilyn Joos watched the popcorn bags getting piled on a cart for delivery to the popcorn machine.  

Watching the Bowl Games. Two area youngsters are sitting in front of the television, catching every exciting moment of the game.  Remember when this size tv screen was considered “large” ?

Planning to go fishing on New Years day.  On New Years Eve day, Dec. 31, 1953 Jack Koplin was more than likely thinking about fishing the next day. So on Jan. 1, 1954, Jack speared a 15 lbs. 10 oz. Northern Pike on Lake Minnewaska.  

The new year will be “looking back” at the years 1989, 1969 and 1949.

Happy New Year!