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Looking Back 110913

Honoring Veteran's Day, November 11 This week's article is remembering Veteran's Day and what it stands for.  Veteran's Day is a day set aside every year to honor all who have served in armed services.  The holiday marks the anniversary of the end of World War I, Nov. 11, 1918, also known as Armistice Day.  

  Morris and its surrounding towns had a lot of veterans from every war. Our area is fortunate to have some of our World War II and Korean War veterans still with us. Thank you for fighting for our freedom.

Korean War  

Pictured on the steps of the Memorial Armory are the officers and men of Company M of Morris. This photo was taken immediately after the federalization of the National Guard unit and originally published in the Jan. 18, 1951 edition of the Morris Tribune. (Photo courtesy Stevens County Historical Society).

Pictured from left to right:

Front row- M/Sgt. Robert G. Hadler, WO Palmer A. Anderson, 1st Lt John R. Rolfe, Capt. Paul W. Kopitzke, 1st Lt. Stanley R. Davis, 2nd Lt. Richard J. Smith, 1st Lt. Anthony F. Milsche;  Second row- M/Sgt Glendon G. Rose, Cpl. DeWayne S. Michealson, Sfc. Raymond J. Van Kempen, Sfc. Burton J. Brouillet, Sgt. Donald E. Eystad, Cpl. Virgil E. Maus, Sgt. Ervin W. Harstad, Sgt. George E. Olson, Cpl. Albert T. Riemer.  Third row- Cpl. Dale H. Aukes, Pfc. Eugene E. Williamson, Pfc. Richard B. Buller, Pfc. Charles  P. Torgerson, Cpl. Forest B. Engebretson, Ret. Earl E. Radl, Sgt. John O. Fluegel, Sgt. Everett L. Hicks. Fourth row-  Sfc. Fay L. Proudfoot, Pfc. John E. Foley, Pfc. Vernon W. Eystad, Pfc. Richard V. Wenberg, Pfc. Harry J. Ross, Ret. Paul M. Blakesley, Ret. James K. Grote, Ret.Stanley A. Amborn.

Others in picture- Sgt. William J. Proudfoot, Sgt. Grant G. Gray, Ret. Harlan G. Van Horn, Ret. Marvin Van Eps, Sgt. Harvey W. Michelson, Sgt. Harold E. Fredericksen, Cpl. Donald L. Bohlmann, Ret. Dean G. Towner, Pfc. Richard J. Foley, Ret. Richard J. Kill, Pfc. Conway F. Richter, Pfc. Kenneth E. Kussatz, Sgt. Nickolas A. Bresson, Ret. Luverne A. Amborn, Pfc. Curtis N. Van Horn, Ret. Marlyn L. Weiss, Cpl. William G. Dripps, Ret. Carl A. Moser, Cpl. Ronald L. Van Horn, Ret. James J. McRoberts, Ret. Arthur E. Prior, Sfc. Louis F. Amborn, Jr., Ret. Curtis E. Kolden, Ret. Floyd E. Carbert, Pvt. Charles W. Manska, Ret. Robert H. Grote, Sfc. Edward J. Miller, Ret. Theodore J. Eul, Cpl. Frank J. Snorek, Sgt. Duane K. Solvie, Pvt. Gary L. Anderson, Cpl. Donald R. Stephens, Ret. Melvin E. Tiegen, Cpl. Darrell C. Heuer, Pfc. Arvid M. Anderson, Cpl. Ray A. Cline, Cpl. Gordon N. Swenson.

World War II

“Members of Battery B of Morris, together with other units of the 217th coast artillery, are this week winding up their affairs in preparation for induction into federal service.  Mobilization day has been set for Feb. 10, on which day all members of Battery B will report at the Armory in Morris.  It is expected the battery will be stationed in the Armory for from 10 to 20 days prior to departure for Camp Haan, Calif. The complete roster of Battery B is as follows:

Captain- Thomas E. Spaulding; First Lieutenants- Edward P. Sherven and Berkley R. Lewis; Second Lieutenant- Russell Williams; First Sergeant- Ernest W. Irwin;  Staff Sergeant- Walter A. Haskins; Sergeants- Stanley Arkell, Walter Dohmstreich, William Eklund, Alvin Erickson, Robert Guter, Hayes Haskins, Orville Jacobson, Stanley Shaw, Lloyd Smith.  Corporals- Richard Behmler, Robert Degendorfer, Earl Guter, Charles Hockert, Horace Myers, Norris Olson, John Perkins, Elmer B. Smith, Albin Winkels.  Privates 1ST Class- Palmer Anderson, Roy Bogh, Robert Hadler, Paul Kopitzke, Arthur LeSage, Urban Lesmeister, Wayne Nelson, John Quasebarth, Louis Sexton, Lawrence Smith, Richard Smith, Aelred Staebler, Lowell Stevens, Kenneth Swanson, Clifford Troelson, Raymond Van Kempen, Howard Walker, Victor Winkels.  Privates- Rollo Awsumb, Eugene Bedel, Donald Boudreau, Benjamin Broderick, Darrel Dyer, James Dyer, Harry Emanuelson, Lloyd Engebretson, Paul Gay, Hime Goldberg, Miles Grotjohn, Fearon Hanlon, William Hayer, Richard Hills, Robert Hubbard, George Johnson, Olin Johnson, George Judd, Bert Kowalzyk, John Lembcke, Richard Loher, Willis Macklin, Sylvester McCarroll, Ashley McCollar, Vincent Mork, Melvin Neitzel, Alvin Nelson, Raymond Nelson, Arvid Olson, Boyd Opheim, Archie Pashan, Harold Perkins, Vernon Ross, Robert Rotramel, Paul Schmidt, Earle Seaman, Robert Shuckhart, Marlin Sloneker, Gordon Swenson, Aron Utz, Lester Van Horn, LeRoy Wartman, Gordon Wiltse, Ralph Kraayenbrink.  

Men who are now carried on the inactive list but who will become active members of the battery on mobilization day are:  Privates- Arnold Anderson, Ralph Andert, Walter Asping, Charles Banwart, Alfred Baumgartner, Vincent Bedel, Clarmont Berg, Robert Bishop, George Boje, Dick Boon, Lloyd Clausen, Irving Dybdal, Earl Driggins, Roy Flannigan, Lenny Faushaug, Harry Gannon, Delbert Giese, Robert Haney, Norman Hjelm, Everett Holt, Lloyd Hoyer, Howard Johnson, Lloyd Lange, Orrie Monroe, Walter Monroe, John Mulvihill, Kenneth Ott, Robert Osterman, Walter Pederson, Clifford Peterson, Clarence Robieson, Lester Sanvik, Vernon Siefert, Matthew Smith, Karl Store, Alfred Strand, Orville Tibbetts, Joseph Wagner, Floyd Larson and Helmuth Toop.”                Morris Tribune February 7, 1941.

“The glad news that the war was over, that peace had come again to the world with Japan's acceptance of the allies' surrender terms, was hailed in Morris with jubilation and tears, with revelry and with prayer, following President Truman's announcement at six o'clock Tuesday evening that the war had ended....Following that first feeling of relief and thankfulness came a spirit of jubilation and revelry. Within a short time residents of the city, joined by many from the rural areas and from neighboring villages, began to throng the downtown streets of the city and for several hours the business district was the scene of carefree celebrating.  There was no planned revelry. Automobiles were driven up and down the streets with their horns sounding continually; youngsters yelled and sang and snake-danced up and down the streets; a quantity of firecrackers was unearthed from some near-forgotten stock and added to the din.  There was a brief parade headed by a 'Spirit of '76' group portrayed by J. H. Brunsman, drummer, and H. C. Probst, Dr. H. O. Watzke and Vin Kohler.  The irrepressible Art Carlson showed up on the scene grandiosely garbed and performed up and down the street on a bicycle.”

Morris Tribune August 17, 1945.  

Let's not forget to honor the veterans who were in Vietnam, Iraq and other foreign lands. Thank all our service men and women who served to protect our country- we salute you.