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New climate action group formed in Morris

Morris area residents and University of Minnesota, Morris students met on Tuesday, Sept. 3 at Federated Church in Morris to form a new climate action group, the Citizens Climate Lobby. (Submitted Photo)

MORRIS -- Morris area citizens and University of Minnesota, Morris students gathered Tuesday night at Federated Church to form a new climate action group dedicated to informing elected officials and the general public about the dangers of runaway climate change and its effect on American food security.

The group discussed extreme weather, hail, and drought conditions that will be more common with climate change.

Don Reicosky, a retired soil scientist, convened a group of concerned Morris area citizens convinced by the evidence of climate change and that human activity is the primary cause of it.

"People are largely unaware of the relationship of climate change to our sensitive food production system," said Reicosky. "We are running the risk of widespread hunger or impaired nutrition for future generations, so we also have to ensure the public and policy makers are working to save soil for future generations."

According to Lester Brown of the Earth Policy Institute, climate change worsens the current worldwide problem of water shortages and soil degradation. Nationwide, almost all religious groups have issued positions acknowledging climate change and its human origin and calling for more care for God's creation.

The group is the 122nd calling itself the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) around the U.S. and Canada. For information on the CCL, go to or call Don Reicosky at 320-589-2069.