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Neighbors recognized Dale Livingston through Pay it Forward Stevens County

On Thursday, Sept. 5 Dale Livingston (center) was presented with the Pay It Forward Stevens County award. Neighbor Lillian Benham (second front right) nominated Livingston for the work he does assisting his elderly neighbors throughout the year.2 / 2

MORRIS -- The residents of Ridge Road in Morris are proud of their neighborhood and proud to recognize one of their own for his help improving the lives of his elderly neighbors.

Several Ridge Road residents gathered last Thursday to thank Dale Livingston, the most recent Stevens County residents recognized by "Pay it Forward, Stevens County."

Livingston was nominated by his neighbor, Lillian Benham, who thanked him for his help whenever she needs assistance.

"Dale is my friendly and thoughtful neighbor who is always concerned about the welfare of his elderly neighbors in our immediate area," wrote Benham.

"Dale is dependable and willing to help me whenever I need assistance -- with my phone, replacing an impossible battery, car assistance, garage door or whatever needs to be repaired.

"I happened to be gone the night the storm hit Morris in June; Dale came to my house at 3 a.m. to check my basement for flooding. That is certainly dedication.

"In the winter, Dale blows the snow off of the sidewalks and driveways for me and three other residents before he goes to work in the morning. Later, he blows out the end of our driveway after the snow plow goes by and fills in the end of the driveway.

"Our lives in my area would be much more difficult without Dale's wonderful help. Dale is truly a blessing to me and to others," concluded Benham.

Pay it Forward, Stevens County is a program designed to reward individuals who make life better for other people in our community.

Pay it Forward, Stevens County is sponsored by Morris Pizza Ranch, Morris Sun Tribune, Bank of the West, West Central Screen and Print, the Regional Fitness Center, Superior Industries and Hancock Concrete, Stevens Community Medical Center and KMRS/KKOK Radio Stations.

Nominations can be dropped off at any of the participating businesses. The committee will meet once per month to pick one person who best exemplifies paying it forward.