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1,300 visit Superior Industries for community open house Thursday

MORRIS – About 1,300 people visited Superior Industries on Thursday, June 13 during a community open house celebrating 40 years in business.

For the first time in about a half dozen years, Superior welcomed citizens to their Morris equipment and components manufacturing facilities. The event included tours of the newly expanded plants, a community dinner and interesting facts about the company's four decades of manufacturing.

"As we continue to expand, the support of our community is more important than ever," said Mary Erholtz, Superior Industries director of marketing. "We rely on our neighbors to tell others about the opportunities for a solid career, exceptional benefits package and excellent opportunities for personal and professional growth."

Since its last public event in 2007, Superior's conveyor business has grown rapidly thanks to customers in new markets and growing awareness internationally. Throughout all divisions, Superior reports a workforce of 1,220 employees with more than 60 percent working in Stevens County.