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Republican presidential hopeful stops in Morris

Presidential hopeful John Davis plans to visit all 3,143 counties in the United States by June of 2012. He made a brief stop in Morris on Thursday, Oct. 27 at East Side Park.2 / 2

John Davis, a self-employed home builder from Grand Junction, Co., plans to visit all 3,143 counties in the United States by June 2012 in his campaign for President of the United States.

At his stop in Morris on Thursday - which amassed four journalist and one community member - Davis emphasized his outsider status, support for de-regulation and small businesses and feeling that we've "only got one more chance" to fix America.

"We're earning the right to be a candidate," Davis said. "We don't have celebrity status or name-recognition, so we're just going out to talk to people because people are important to us."

"God spoke to my heart about a year ago to do this, so I'm being obedient," said Davis.

Davis carries a three-foot wrench to each of his campaign stops, a way to emphasize his message that we need to fix America. Davis, his wife Debra, and two drivers have spent two weeks on the road and one week at home since the campaign began, except for a five week break while the tour bus got a new engine.

When asked whether he thought he had a chance of winning the nomination, Davis replied, "Absolutely."

"We've got a long ways to go, we've got another year to go, people are still looking hard," Davis continued. "We can't have the status quo, next-person-in-line president. We need a person that loves this country and knows how to fix it."

Davis also repeatedly mentioned his stance that we need to put God back into America.

"We need to put God back into the heart of this country," said Davis. "I think God's given us one last chance to turn around, but we can't keep killing a million babies a year, putting all this smut on tv and on the Internet, all the pornography."

"We're bankrupt morally, we bankrupt spiritually, we're bankrupt economically," Davis added.

After leaving Morris, Davis planned to visit Benson, Montevideo and Olivia. Davis said he hopes to be on the primary ballot for every state, except South Carolina which requires a $25,000 fee to be on the ballot.

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