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Hancock Council looking at sewer issues

The Hancock City Council is considering whether to hire a firm to help reduce the amount of clear water being pumped in the community's sanitary sewer system.

Council members learned that there is more water going into the sewer system than there is water coming out of the water tower. This amount seems to spike after heavy rainfalls and during snow melt. This is a good indication that additional water is coming into the system from outside sources. The most likely cause is the discharge of sump pumps into household drains.

At their meeting earlier this month, the council heard a presentation from Bolton and Menk, Inc. The company proposes to educate the public about the proper way to discharge sump pumps, to hold public meetings, to help city employees to draft the proper ordinances, and as a final step, to go door to door and check every property to be sure that the sump pumps are not draining into the sanitary sewer. Once that process was completed, the council would have a more accurate picture of were the water is coming from. After that, smoke testing and the use of cameras would be more successful in identifying where any additional clear water is entering the system.

The process would take about five months from start to finish and council members discussed trying to get started in late fall. That way, the city would be prepared for the high water season of spring and early summer.

The city council tabled further discussion until the October meeting when they will decide if it would be feasible if Bolton and Menk's $15,000 proposal is feasible.

Other business

Council members were approached by representatives from Buddies about a bill they received for work on their parking lot which is connected to the second entrance. Buddies had been billed $4,444 for the work after it was assumed that it was separate from the project. After some discussion, it was decided that this should be paid by the city as part of the road project.

The City of Hancock, Moore Township and an anonymous donation of $4,000 will pay for the sealcoating of 285th Street to County Road One. The cost to the township and the city is about $5,500 each.

Council was informed that the railroad has approved the demolition of the Blue Chip Feeds elevator located on railroad property. The city had sent the railroad a letter stating the property was a hazard. The demolition will take place in the near future.

The board approved replacing some outdoor lights around the Community Center with LED bulbs. The savings from the energy efficient bulbs should pay for themselves in one year.