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Stevens County to be paid for recount expenses

A Minnesota Republican spokesman said the party is paying counties for copying and related costs incurred during the Mark Dayton-Tom Emmer governor recount.

That will be welcome news for Stevens County election officials.

Some counties complained that the Emmer campaign had not paid its bills, while Dayton did. Republican officials coordinated the Emmer recount effort.

Overall, the state pays for the recount, but when the campaigns sought copies of documents they were billed.

Neil Wiese, Stevens County Auditor/Treasurer, said the county received a $500 deposit from the DFL for recount costs but that it was still waiting for payment from the GOP, which did not deposit recount money. Wiese said that earlier this week he billed the party for almost $500 of expenses related to the recount.

Because the county had not been paid beforehand, Stevens County officials were not legally required to do other recount-related work that had been requested before Emmer conceded, Wiese said, adding that the bill in some other area counties ran into thousands of dollars.