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Courthouse time capsule opened Aug. 30

Stevens County facilities manager Dave Schmidt holds the cornerstone of the 1956 courthouse, which was removed this winter during construction on the new facility. Sun Tribune file photo.

The time capsule from the 1955-1956 construction of the Stevens County Courthouse will be opened on Aug. 30 at the Stevens County Museum.

The opening is 10 a.m. and is open to the public. The museum is on West 6th Street in Morris.

The Stevens County Historical Society also is gathering materials and representations of the daily life of all of Stevens County for a new capsule that will be installed -- along with the 1956 capsule -- in the new and renovated courthouse building.

The capsules will be sealed in walls of the new construction on Sept. 27.

"Time capsules hold a unique place in history.," said museum Director Randee Hokanson. "They are an outgrowth of the Mason's laying a cornerstone as a ceremonial symbol of completion of a new building."

All efforts are being made to include many representations of life in the county, Hokanson said.

"The best time capsules upon opening include a microscopic view of everyday life at the time they are hidden," she said. "They also may include thoughts or projections for the future. By projecting from the present into the future, whomever opens the capsule will be able to think about those projections and if they came true or not."