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State raises fees at recorder's office July 1

If you need a copy of a birth certificate, better move fast: It will cost you an extra 10 bucks on Thursday.

The Legislature passed legislation this year that will raise some fees at the county recorder's office.

Effective Thursday, July 1:

Certified copies of birth certificates will increase by $10. Prior to July 1 a certified copy of a birth certificate (first copy) is $16 and will increase to $26.

Additional certified copies of the same birth certificate (ordered at the same time as the first copy) prior to July 1 are $9 and will increase to $19 This new $10 state surcharge will be forwarded to the commissioner of management and budget for deposit in the state's general fund.

A marriage license full fee will increase by $5 from $110 to $115. The reduced marriage license fee (with an educator's statement) will remain the same at $40. The new $5 state surcharge will be forwarded to the state to assist in paying for the "Couples on the Brink" program.

The Educator's Statement, which is used for the reduced fee marriage license, must be either notarized or marked with the church seal.

Effective Aug. 1:

The notary filing fee will decrease from $100 to $20 at the county level. The county is no longer responsible for collecting the state's fee of $80.

That fee will now be included at the time of application for the notary commission and will be paid directly to the state.

All ex-officio notaries will be required to have a stamp similar to the notary public and will no longer be able to use their official office stamp.