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Coleman comment fuels speculation

Former U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman is one of the most-discussed Minnesota politicians these days.

He added to the chatter Tuesday by releasing a statement that sounded a lot like he plans to get into the Republican governor's race; at least that is how some read it.

In saying he supports Pat Anderson in a bid to resume her position as state auditor, he said:

"In the near future, my decision about which path I intend to pursue to help Minnesota and its citizens address our state's challenges and opportunities will become clear. But, it's clear that we must find common ground among Democrats, Republicans and independents on the great issues of our day. Minnesotans need jobs. Together, we must find a common path in which government is a catalyst for job creation, economic growth, environmental protection and quality education for all of our children. We must find a common path in which we address the fiscal challenges that threaten our economy, and our state's future. I look forward to being a part of that debate about Minnesota's future in whatever role I believe is most beneficial."