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Douglas County discusses costs of assessing property

A motion made by Douglas County Commissioner Jerry Johnson during Tuesday's regular meeting led to a debate about the costs involved to assess land parcels within the county.

Johnson's motion was to have County Assessor Keith Albertsen keep track of all assessing costs for one year.

Johnson questioned whether it was worth the money to do local assessing.

"You know what a local assessor does," Johnson asked Albertsen, to which he replied, "I am fully aware of what an assessor does."

After several minutes of bantering back and forth, Johnson said all he wanted to know was how much it costs for each parcel of land to be assessed.

Johnson said it's up to the county assessor to make sure parcels are being assessed properly.

"If this is something we want to look at, what's it worth? Is it a good thing?" asked Johnson. "We should know the cost of operation. That's all I am asking. I just want to know the cost."

Commissioner Paul Anderson said the way assessing is being done is accurate and correct.

"Our people are qualified," Anderson said. "The professionalism is worth the cost."

Before the debate went any further, Commissioner Anderson added, "With all due respect, this is just a waste of time and another way to micromanage."

Johnson then withdrew his motion and said, "The reason I am bringing it up is because I do assessing."

Prior to the debate on what the costs are for assessing land parcels, the county board reappointed Bob Mostad of Osakis as manager to the Sauk River Watershed District board. Mostad was lauded for doing an outstanding job.