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Michigan demolition firm apparent low bidder for old elementary school demolition

MORRIS – A Michigan demolition firm is the apparent low bidder on a project to demolish the old elementary school property.

The bid from Dore and Associates Contracting of Bay City was $773,7000, about $226,000 less than the project's estimated cost of about $1 million.

The second lowest bid was Rachel Contracting from St. Michael, Minn., followed by Riley Brothers construction at $915,000.

In an e-mail update to the members of the Morris City Council, City Manager Blaine Hill said the city is required to take the “lowest responsible bidder.”

“We will do some checking on this company to determine who they are and where they have done work before,” Hill said. In their cover letter, the company said they have razed over 35,000 structures throughout the United States and Canada since they started in 1958.

Earlier this week, city staff added an addendum to the project specifications to allow for demolition up to Sept. 30 instead of July 31. In an e-mail, City Manager Blaine Hill said there were concerns that the late winter would make it difficult for hazard abatement companies to finish their work before demolition crews began.

“As a benefit, there are several companies that may be able to do a better job of recycling of materials if they are given a little more time,” Hill wrote. “I heard that from a couple of companies.”

City staff will bring a recommendation for awarding the contract to the council's next meeting on Tuesday, March 26.