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City receives 10 bids for west side road project

MORRIS -- Ten contractors submitted bids for a summer road construction project on the west side of Morris before the bid deadline on Thursday, March 14.

The apparent low bidder for the project is Breitbach Construction of Elrosa, Minn. with a bid of approximately $1.6 million – almost 32 percent less than the initial construction estimate of $2.5 million, said City Manager Blaine Hill.

With contingencies, design engineering, construction surveying and staking and construction, the total project cost was estimated at about $3 million before the bids were opened.

The high bidder was States Borders Construction of Graceville at approximately $2.2 million.

The bids have now been submitted to the city's engineering firm to verify the numbers and test out some special assessment calculations, said Hill.

This is the first street project where the city will consider whether to assess homeowners for the cost of pavement, and at what level to do those assessments.

During a public hearing on the project last October, Hill proposed assessing homeowners 75 percent of the cost of pavement, water, and sanitary sewer. The city will assess 100 of the cost of curbs, gutters and sidewalks, and 50 percent of storm sewers, although this may be raised to 75 percent as well.

The city council will review the bids and assessment rates at their meeting on Tuesday, March 26 to decide whether to move forward with the project.