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McNamar authors bill to create revolving loan program for energy projects in schools

Representative Jay McNamar (right) speaks to a group of constituents at Morris Pizza Ranch on Friday, Feb. 22, 2013 with Senator Torrey Westrom (left).

MORRIS -- Representative Jay McNamar is pushing he authored to create a revolving loan program for schools to help districts invest in energy conservations project, he told a group of constituents at a town hall meeting in Morris on Friday, Feb. 22.

The bill would create a $3 million loan fund that schools could access to pay for energy projects without needing to seek out bond or referendum money. The money could be used for things like insulation, news doors and windows, or new heating systems, said McNamar.

“They should be able to pay that loan back with money they save from energy savings,” said McNamar. “The best thing about it is this: the schools do not have to go to the taxpayers for a referendum.”

“One reason why we brought this up is that schools are sometimes afraid to go to voters for money right now because so many referendums have come up and they've shut down,” said McNamar. “They've been putting off these energy-saving measures, and every year that goes on money is wasted on valuable energy.”

The bill was referred to the House Energy Policy Committee and is scheduled to be discussed before the committee on Monday, March 4.