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Stevens County Sheriff wins Meritorious Service Award

AMEM President John Bowen presents the Meritorious Service Award to Stevens County Sheriff Randy Willis.

Stevens County Sheriff Randy Willis has been recognized by the Association of Minnesota Emergency Managers.

Willis was recently awarded the association's Meritorious Service Award. The award was presented at the Association's annual conference on Sept. 18, 2012.

AMEM is a statewide organization of 500 emergency management professionals, encompassing the full spectrum of emergency response agencies and personnel. This includes county and city emergency management directors from around the state, as well as law enforcement, fire, EMS, state agencies and community leaders.

The AMEM Meritorious Service Award is awarded at the discretion of the President, with approval of the Board of Directors.The AMEM Meritorious Service Award is given for outstanding performance in furthering the objectives of emergency management in their jurisdiction or agency, and/or the Association and emergency management in Minnesota.

This emergency manager always has a smile, an excellent attitude and an infectious laugh that anyone who has worked with him recognizes.

His enthusiasm and determination has helped to drive changes, educate the public and solicit support for emergency management in his county and region.

From his involvement with the implementation of the ARMER system in his county, to leading the planning efforts for sheltering, special population needs during a disaster, to hosting countless workshops and training events and the involvement of many of the disciplines of emergency management through a Shared Services Study program; he brings people together to get things done.

For his years of service to the Association, to his county and the State of Minnesota, the AMEM Meritorious Service Award is awarded to Sheriff Randy Willis, Stevens County.