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City of Morris to demolish Morris Floral greenhouses

MORRIS - The Morris City Council passed a resolution Tuesday declaring the Morris Floral greenhouses as substandard and authorizing their demolition.

The Morris Floral building will be left standing, but the greenhouses and concrete beds behind the building will be taken apart and hauled away by the city crew.

Hill said that there are cats and rabbits coming out of the collapsed structure, and it has the potential to become a health hazard. Hill said he had discussed the structure with the owner and told him that he would present the issue to the council.

"This is kind of the end-of-the-line of what you do for a piece of property you're trying to clean up," Hill said.

Hill also said that everything will be assessed back to the property - "We'll keep track of our time and equipment and then we'll bill them back."

Mayor Sheldon Giese said, "there is no question that it needs to go away."

At Giese's suggestion, Hill will be meeting with the owner to make sure he's on the same page as the city before the demolition is scheduled.