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Hancock city council approves parking lot repairs for community center, new concrete for fire hall

The Hancock City Council will hold a special meeting tonight, May 17, to review bids for tarring the parking lot of the community center and replacing cement in front of the fire hall doors. The initial bids for these projects were reviewed at the May 7 meeting. However, with so many discrepancies in the bids, council members asked the bidding parties to submit new bids.

After some discussion about replacing the tar with concrete throughout the parking lot, it was decided to stay with tar and keep the concrete portion in front of the fire hall doors. The price for tar was about one third of concrete and can last just as long if maintained regularly.

The council will also hold a special meeting on May 29 which will be an open house informational meeting for city residents about sump pump discharging. The city has retained Bolton and Menk to help get the flow numbers down at the sewer site. The amount of water coming into the ponds continues to be much larger than the amount of water passing out of the water plant. This is an indication that clean water is coming into the sanitary sewer system. The most common cause for this is through house drains and sump pumps.

Employees from Bolton and Menk will be doing several phases of work to help lower these flows. The first step will be to send out a letter to city residents about sump pumps and holding a public meeting with information. This phase is geared toward getting all sump pumps draining properly outside the homes. The letter will inform residents that they can either allow them to come in and check the sump pumps or obtain a letter from a certified plumber about their system.

The second phase will be more complicated and involves checking homes for proper drainage. This could include checking for exterior tile drains.

The letters will be going out soon with the open house on May 29. Inspections will begin around June 18 and be completed close to the beginning of July.

Other business

* City Attorney Neil Simonson updated the council about correspondence on the Dennis Dodds house and Blue Chip Feeds Elevator. There has been some action at the elevator so hopefully this means the demolition will take place soon.

* Police Chief Matt Flogstad said that there was a fair turn out for the pet clinic and they may be scheduling a second one in June with H & H Vet clinic. He also told council that he had received a Center point Energy Grant to be used for the purchase of a new gas meter, police vest and other items.

* Fire Chief Kyle Rose presented council with the new rates for townships which was approved by council members. He told them about a recent house burn and another coming up in August that will be within the city limits.