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Morris City Council authorizes feasibility studies for 2013 road projects

MORRIS, Minn. - By Kim Ukura

Sun Tribune

The Morris City Counci authorized city staff to move forward with engineering and financing feasibility studies for a 2013 road improvement project on the west side of Morris at their regular meeting on Tuesday.

The project, as currently planned, will include improvements to the sanitary sewer, water and storm sewer lines, as well as new curbs, gutters, sidewalks and paving. Streets included in the project are West 9th, 10th and 11th Streets from Park Ave. to Pacific Ave., Nevada Ave. from West 11th to West 8th Street and Idaho Ave. from West 11th to West 9th street.

Widset, Smith and Nolting, the city's consulting engineers, are authorized to begin the engineering feasibility study and will report back to the city council when the study is completed. The city will also work with financial advisors to figure out the city's share of the project and what might be assessed to residents.

Mayor Sheldon Giese said that he likes the way the city moves forward with major improvement projects, planning it out without rushing the process.

Hill noted that establishing the project is just the first step. Once the studies are finished, the city will set up a public hearing with impacted residents where the council will decide if they want to move forward with the project.

Hill said he thought the project could get bid early in 2013.