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Hancock hires firm for sump pump project

At their meeting Monday night, the Hancock City Council approved $15,000 to hire a firm to help reduce the amount of clear water being pumped into the community's sanitary sewer system.

The council first heard a presentation from engineering firm Bolton and Menk, Inc. in September about the issue. The company proposed a broad public education plan on the proper use of sump pumps and a door-to-door initiative to visit every property and ensure sump pumps are not draining into the sanitary sewer system.

Because the budget for next year is mostly approved, the cost for the project will come out of savings, city clerk/treasurer Andrea Swenson confirmed.

By approving the measure now, the firm will be able to get started with the administrative parts of the project - drafting a new ordinance, for example - in the winter, then start door-to-door visits right away next spring and summer.