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Morris City Council approves $312K in improvement assessments

MORRIS - The Morris City Council approved $312,009 dollars in assessments for residents as a result of improvement projects on East 8th Street, East 9th Street and Arizona Avenue.

City Manager Blaine Hill told the council that total construction cost of of the project - which was expanded to include some work on East 6th Street and a block further down East 8th Street - was $992,905. The city will cover $680,896 of the total, leaving the remaining $312,009 to be assessed to benefited residents.

City Inspecting Engineer Jay Fier told the council he was still working on finalizing the individual assessments, but that notices will be going out to impacted residents prior to a public hearing on the assessments on Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 5:20 p.m.

Although the project was relatively small and began early in May, Hill said it was delayed over the summer because the weather was "really, really bad."

As a result of rain delays, Fier said there will still be some work to finish next spring.

"We're getting the boulevards shaped up," Fier explained. "You might get some questions about that. We're just trying to get it roughed up before the weather turns. Then we're going to spray it with erosion-preventing material and then they'll have to be reworked in the spring,"

Recaps of the rest of Tuesday's city council meeting will be going up throughout the week and consolidated in this Saturday's edition of the Sun Tribune.