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Four District 5 candidates in top local race in Aug. 10 primary

Minnesota's primary election this year is Aug. 10, about a month earlier than in previous elections.

The race for Minnesota governor will be on the ballot, with four DFL candidates vying for the chance to oppose GOP, Independence Party and other independent candidates this fall.

Locally, the Stevens County Board of Commissioners District 5 race features four candidates on the primary ballot: Phil Gausman, Bob Kopitzke, Kevin Manney and Roger McCannon. The top two vote-getters will run for the seat in the November election.

The county's District 2 seat also is up for election in November but only two candidates, Jeanne Ennen and Steve Storck, have filed so the seat is not included in the primary election.

Other county candidates up for election this fall -- but who will not be in the primary -- are: Neil Wiese, Auditor/Treasurer; Virginia Mahoney, Recorder; Randy Willis, Sheriff; Charles Glasrud, County Attorney; George Libbon, Soil and Water Supervisor District 2; and James Krosch, Soil and Water Supervisor District 3.

City of Morris and Morris Area School District elections are not subject to primaries. The filing period for City Council and School Board seats is Aug. 3 to Aug. 17.

Here is a list of polling places for county townships and cities, followed by information about voter registration and absentee voting:

Twp./City Name & Polling Place

Alberta -- Alberta City Hall

Pepperton -- Alberta City Hall

Scott -- Alberta City Hall

Synnes -- Alberta City Hall

Baker -- St. Mary's Hall-Chokio

Chokio -- St. Mary's Hall-Chokio

Everglade -- St. Mary's Hall-Chokio

Stevens -- St. Mary's Hall-Chokio

Darnen -- Morris American Legion-Backroom

Horton -- Morris American Legion-Backroom

Donnelly -- Donnelly City Hall

Donnelly Twp. -- Donnelly City Hall

Eldorado -- Donnelly City Hall

Rendsville -- Donnelly City Hall

Swan Lake -- Swan Lake Town Hall

Framnas -- USDA Soils Lab

Morris Twp. -- USDA Soils Lab

Hodges -- Hancock Community Center

Moore -- Hancock Community Center

Hancock -- Hancock Community Center

Morris 1A -- Morris American Legion

Morris 1B -- Morris Evangelical Free Church

Morris 2A -- Morris Senior Center

Morris 2B -- UMM - Oyate Hall

Morris 3A -- Federated Church

Morris 3B -- Zion Lutheran Church

The cities of Morris, Hancock, Alberta, Donnelly, and Chokio voting hours are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. All township voting hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Voter Registration

When to Re-register:

1. If you haven't voted in four years you will be automatically deleted.

2. If you move (even if you are in the same precinct) you must re-register

3. If you change your name.

Election Day Registration

To be eligible to register you must:

1. be 18 years old

2. be a U.S. Citizen

3. have resided in Minnesota for 20 days prior to election day

4. maintain residence at the address given on the registration form

5. not be under guardianship with right to vote revoked

6. not be found incompetent to vote by court

7. not be charged with a felony without completing the sentence or being discharged

College students must decide if parents address or school address is their residence.

Proof of Residence

By presenting:

1. A valid Minnesota driver's license, learner's permit, Minnesota ID card or a receipt for any of these that contains the voter's current name and address in that precinct

2. A Tribal ID card with name, current address, signature and picture

3. A voter may use the following photo ID's without their current address along with a document that lists their address:

(1) A Minnesota driver's license or ID card

(2) A U.S. passport

(3) A U.S. military ID card

(4) A student ID card issued by a Minnesota postsecondary educational institute

(5) or a tribal ID card with name, signature and picture along with

An original utility bill for gas, electric, telephone, cell phone, cable, internet service, solid waste, water, sewer services, a student fee statement or a rent statement with utilities itemized, all dated within 30 days of election is acceptable as an additional proof of residence if: the bill shows the voter's name and current address in the precinct and the bill has a street address. (No P.O. boxes)

4. Vouching for Residency - A voter may register by having a person who is registered in the same precinct "vouch" for their residence. The voucher may be pre-registered in the precinct or have registered on election day (but not by being vouched for). The registered voter signs an oath attesting (or vouching) to the new registrant's residence in the precinct. Vouchers within the polling place on Election Day can vouch for up to 15 voters, as long as they personally know the voters live in the precinct.

5. An authorized employee of a residential facility where you reside who can confirm your address (the residential facility must provide a list of employees to election officials)

6. A notice of late registration mailed by the county auditor

7. A prior registration in the same precinct under a different address or name on roster

8. A current valid student photo ID, along with an on campus student housing list showing student's campus address.

If the photo ID presented by the voter establishes the voter's identity and the additional proof of residence presented by the voter establishes the voter's current address in the precinct, the voter shall have proven residence.

Absentee Voting

Voting absentee is an option for those who are unable to make it to the polls on Aug. 10 to participate in the primary.

State law allows eligible Minnesota voters to vote absentee either by mail or in person for one of the following reasons:

• Absence from the precinct (away from home)

• Illness or disability

• Serving as an election judge in another precinct

• Religious discipline

To vote absentee in person, voters may visit their county auditor's office during regular business hours Monday - Friday until Aug. 6, between 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. on Sat., Aug. 7, or up until 5 p.m. on Aug. 9.

In-person absentee voting may be offered at many municipal clerk offices as well. If you are not registered to vote, an election official will provide you a voter registration form to complete along with your absentee ballot materials. To successfully register, voters must show proof of residence. Visit for more information about proof of residence options.

Voters may also choose to vote absentee by mail. Visit the secretary of state's Web site at to download and print an absentee ballot application, or contact your county auditor or municipal clerk directly to obtain one. Upon receipt of your application, election officials will send you a ballot by mail to complete. Remember that ballots must be returned on or before Aug. 10 to be counted for the primary.

The office developed a special one-stop-shop Web site for active-duty military personnel, their dependents, and Minnesotans overseas to assist these voters in requesting their absentee ballots. These voters may request that their absentee ballot be e-mailed to them to reduce the transit time, but still must return their paper ballot by mail so that it arrives on or before election day.

Recent court rulings now require that election officials reject an absentee ballot if the form on the envelope is not completed entirely. There are different requirements for military and overseas voters as well as voters who are not already registered at their current address. Domestic absentee voters who are already registered must provide the following information on their absentee ballot envelopes:

• Voter signature and date

• Witness name

• Witness residential address (do not use a P.O. box)

• Witness title if the witness is an official or notary

• Notary stamp if the witness is a notary

• Witness signature

Election officials will mail new ballots to voters if a problem is discovered more than five days before the election. If the problem is found less than five days from the primary, election officials will try to notify the voter by phone or e-mail.