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UPDATE: Hancock encouraged to use county landfill for demo debris

Stevens County is encouraging the City of Hancock to use the county landfill for demolition debris of a building the city hopes to remove to make way for a new bank building downtown.

The City of Hancock is freeing up space downtown to persuade Community Development Bank to construct a building downtown. CDB took over 1st American Bank of Minnesota earlier this year and immediately made it known that a seach for a new building would begin soon. The bank has been checking out a few locations around Hancock as potential locations.

The city has several open lots downtown but needs to demolish a building that formerly housed an upholstery business. The county acquired the property through tax forfeiture and earlier this month voted to sell the property to the City of Hancock for $1. The city is arranging to have the building torn down.

County environmental service head Bill Kleindl and Troy Engebretson, of Engebretson Sanitary Disposal and Demolition Landfill, outlined three options: Demolish the building and bury the debris on site in accordance with Minnesota Pollution Control Agency rules; have the demolition crew remove the building and then landfill it at the county site at Engebretson's; tear down the building, haul the debris at the county landfill and have Engebretson inspect and lanfill the debris.

Kleindl and Engebretson recommended the third option. The city would pay about $3,600 to have Engebretson take control of the 1,000 cubic yards of debris. Either way, the city would pay a 60-cents per ton assessment to the state, and Engebretson said the company would charge 50-cents per ton for inspection. The city would pay the demolition crew extra to have it remove and bury the debris.

Engebretson said option three would be the most economical approach. At $3,600, Engebretson would be working at cost - it typically would charge about $6,600 to landfill the city's debris.

"We want to help them out," Engebretson said. "The bank belongs downtown."