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Watson votes for change

WATSON -- Voters in the small Chippewa County community of Watson voted Tuesday for a change in their city governance structure.

In a special election, voters cast 72 "yes" to 17 "no" ballots for a measure that will make the city clerk and treasurer positions a single, appointed position.

Currently, the city clerk is elected to that position and is a voting member of the Watson City Council. The treasurer is also elected currently, but does not have a vote.

Loisjean Fossen is city clerk and Marcie Radtke is treasurer. Both will continue to serve in that capacity through the remainder of the year.

Fossen said after the count that she would likely retire at the end of her term.

Voters on Tuesday also defeated a measure that would have allowed Sunday liquor sales -- 46 "no" to 43 "yes" votes. The Goose Bar had sought approval for Sunday sales.

Watson has a population of just over 200 people.