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Becker County may buy Detroit Mountain

Could the former local skiing mecca of Detroit Mountain become a county park?

That was just one of many possibilities mentioned during an informal discussion of "recreational opportunities" at the site that was held during Tuesday's Becker County Board meeting.

County Administrator Brian Berg kicked off the discussion by noting that the Detroit Mountain property was now up for sale.

Though the skiing lodge has been out of operation for some time, Berg said, the facility had been a "recreational mainstay" in the area for many years.

"Do we want to pursue this?" he asked the board. "What are the possibilities?"

Commissioner Gerry Schram suggested the possibility of partnering with the city of Detroit Lakes to develop the site, because the city would benefit even more than the county from its development.

Other possibilities mentioned by Berg included the development of the site for summer as well as winter recreation -- a water park and downhill tubing were among the suggestions -- and a public-private partnership to develop the property's recreational potential.

"It's something that looks interesting enough that I think we have to invest a little bit more time to investigate (the possibilities)," said Commissioner Barry Nelson.

"The timing is right," Commissioner John Bellefeuille added. "The possibilities are unlimited ... I think we would be remiss if we didn't at least take a look at it."

Though he wasn't quite as enthusiastic about it as some of his fellow board members, Commissioner Larry Knutson said, "Yes, we have to take a look at it."