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Cass Lake mayor brings race issues to Park Rapids council

Alleged racial discrimination issues were raised at the Park Rapids council table this week.

Cass Lake Mayor Wayne LaDuke addressed the council Tuesday about two incidents that allegedly happened in town.

The first involved a business that reportedly told tribal students it was out of a product they requested.

A few minutes later, the students saw other customers outside of the business with the same product that they wanted to order.

LaDuke said the second incident happened this year at a school sporting event. A concession stand employee refused to serve a group of Cass Lake students.

"We do not serve Indians," the employee allegedly told the students.

LaDuke said he wasn't looking for action from the council, but needed to bring it up since it was repeated.

"I'm not going to sit here and judge the community of Park Rapids," he said. "I appreciate whatever the council can do to resolve this issue."

Councilman Pat Mikesh suggested contacting the Park Rapids Lakes Area Chamber for more training opportunities to educate local business employees.

It's good to highlight the issue even though it's unfortunate that it happened, councilman Dave W. Konshok agreed.