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Hearing scheduled for County Ditch 30 report

MORRIS, Minn. -- The Stevens County Board of Commissioners, acting as the county Drainage Authority, scheduled a public hearing on an engineer's report and estimation of benefits and damages for an improvement to County Ditch 30 for Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 9 a.m.

The overall project impacts about 2,900 acres and is estimated to cost about $2 million.

If the project doesn't move forward, the costs incurred so far would be charged to the landowners who petitioned the improvement.

At the hearing, the viewers will walk through their report for affected landowners. County Ditch 30 affects several landowners in Horton, Darnen, Synnes and Scott Townships.

If the reports are approved, there will be an appeals period before the board could, potentially, open the project up for bids.